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New Gallery Flows into Westport Marina Area

(News Item #0273, Published: 06/29/12, Author: William Victor May, CurrentSeaGallery.com)

Current Sea gallery Westport Washington

Westport is a fishing village like none other in Washington State. A real live working harbor full of boats, fishermen and the people who support them.

Surprisingly Westport is also home to as many fine artists as Captains and Deck Hands. Current Sea Gallery is an artist owned cooperative show casing a wide variety of artist mediums including drift wood, iron welding, glass, pottery and more.

Now a new art gallery - Current sea - has opened in the marina area that features the work of various fine artists.

"Al Holbrook and I wanted to have a new and more accessible place to show our work, but we also wanted to bring in other great area artists." Said jeff Uitto, a well known driftwood carver. "We were lucky to find this beautiful building and in such a highly visible location."

Located on the Southern isthmus of Gray Harbor and area drips with beauty and conjures up images like those of coastal Ireland, England and France that have inspired stunning art for millennia. It does the same here.

Tony Robinson, one of the contributing artists said, "Our location is the best in town, at the West end of the Boat Marina nestled almost directly beneath the Harbor's new viewing tower."

There is easy parking and the gallery is manned by a real live artist at all times. Artists Al Holbrook and Jeff Uitto joined together and obtained this new space, not only to showcase their own work, but also to give other local artists a place to shine.

Westport visitors are invited to come in, look around. Pick up a wonderful piece of art. Commissions something special or just "shoot the proverbial ocean breeze," said Uitto.